Friday, January 4, 2008

Pennsylvania growing slowly

The latest Census Bureau estimates show Pennsylvania grew at the rate of point-2 percent from 2007-2007. That compares to 1 percent nation wide but is similar to other states in the Northeast including New York at .1%, New Jersey at .2% and Maryland at .3%. Most of Pennsylvania’s growth came from in migration from outside the United States. International migration accounted for 16,829 new Pennsylvanians in 2006 while migration within the US accounted for a loss of 7,377 residents. The state saw slow natural growth with births outstripping deaths by 18,676 lives. The Census Bureau estimates Pennsylvania’s population was 12,432,792 July 1 2007. That makes it the 6th largest state. The .2% population change ranks 41sty in the nation and the real growth of 29,975 ranked Pennsylvania 24th in the nation.

See report from the Pennsylvania State Data Center.

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