Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Myron Cope Dies at Age 79

Steelers broadcasting legend Myron Cope has died. Cope died of respiratory failure after years of health problems. Cope was part of the Steelers broadcasting team for 35 years, contributing colorful exclamations like "yoi!" to the fan lexicon. Former Steeler Andy Russell says Cope was a dear friend who got along well with the players, but still had his say about their play on the field. Cope also created the Terrible Towel, which fans wave in the stands. In 1996, Cope surprised the Allegheny Valley School by giving it the trademark to the Terrible Towel. The Allegheny Valley School cares for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Cope's son, Danny, lives there. Proceeds from the Terrible Towel have raised $2.2 million for the school. The University of Pittsburgh is encouraging fans attending tonight's basketball game against Cincinnati to bring their Terrible Towels in Cope's honor.

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