Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Carnegie International: Placement

In less than a month visitors will begin walking through the 2008 Carnegie International, taking in the work of 40 artists. As much care goes into placing the works in and around the building as goes into making the art itself. International artists Thomas Hirschhorn came to Pittsburgh this month from Switzerland to build his work himself. It is an artful and art-filled cave made from cardboard, packing tape, posters and other everyday materials. Hirschhorn says his work is a melding of prehistoric and contemporary art and he is pleased with where it has been placed.

2008 Carnegie International Curator Douglas Fogle is well aware of the new and old and just about every other juxtaposition in the Carnegie complex that could help or hinder an artist’s work. For video artist Doug Aitken the discussion on the placement of his work began in his dining room in California and ended with a site visit. He says the space very much influences his final product.

Sound artist Susan Philipsz says she cannot work on a piece until she sees where it will be installed. That is why site visits and meetings with curators are so important to her.

It is a push and pull with each artist as Fogle tries to meld his vision with theirs. The first piece you will see will be that of Mark Bradford even though the show’s signature piece is by Paul Thek.

Artist Richard Wright’s work is all about the space in which it is created. He paints directly on walls where, in his words- “Architecture does not work.” A room has been created just for his work.

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WDUQ’s Mark Nootbaar will examine a different aspect of the Carnegie International every month through the opening of the show.

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