Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bald Eagle Rebounds in PA

In 1983 there were 3 bald eagle nests in the Commonwealth. This year the count stands at 203 in 50 of Pennsylvania's counties. State Gaming Control Spokesman Jerry Feaser says people have a greater opportunity today of seeing a bald eagle nest than since the before the Civil War. He says while they're proud of this accomplishment, they will continue monitoring the population "to see when and if we can ever remove the bald eagle from the state's threatened species list." He says they count the nests through Game Control employees and volunteers. Feaser attributes the come back to pollution controls and in 1983 the Commission and a number of other states partnered with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to repopulate the species by bringing in chicks from Canada. Allegheny County only has one nest, while Crawford and Pike Counties both have 19. And while they don't give the specific locations of many nests because they're on private property, Feaser says they are working on an eagle watching guide which is posted on their website, so people can find nests on public lands.

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