Friday, March 20, 2009

"Water Walk for Women's Rights" Sunday

The second annual "Water Walk for Women's Rights" will take place on World Water Day Sunday. From the Cathedral lawn at the University of Pittsburgh, more than 200 Pittsburghers have already signed up to carry water buckets over a mile-long route through Oakland.

Peace Corps fellow Katherine Stackel says the water buckets symbolize the plight of African women who may spend hours walking miles a day, only to bring home dirty water that leads to the death of many of their children.

All proceeds from the event will go to Tanzania for installation of water filtration systems on homes and schools.

Stackel is with Amizade Global Service Learning and Volunteer Program, which is sponsoring the walk along with a Pitt group--STAND-- that works with the Genocide Intervention Network to buy firewood for Darfur refugees so they won't be subject to rape and violence outside their camps.

Registration will open at 1 pm Sunday, with the walk starting at 2.

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