Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harvest Party in Millvale

Allegheny County, Grow Pittsburgh, GTech Strategies and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy teamed up this summer to promote urban agriculture in the region. Millvale community gardeners and their friends celebrated a harvest party on Saturday, grilling some of the vegetables they grew on vacant lots on Butler Street owned by the borough. Where there had been weeds and detritus, on one side of the street there were sunflowers for biofuel. On the other side, groups and individuals grew tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, herbs, etc. in raised wooden beds.

There were some losses due to the drought combined with temperatures in the nineties. And there were infestations of stink bugs that favored zucchini and cucumbers and had to be squished by hand because pesticides weren't an option. However, there were tomatoes galore.

There are plans for more beds and, possibly, fruit trees next spring.

Listen to an audio postcard from the party.

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