Monday, September 8, 2008

Deluca looks to cap State Rep.'s income

State Representative Tony Deluca has introduced a measure to amend the Pennsylvania state constitution to limit the amount of money a state lawmaker can earn outside of his or her state salary. The measure caps earned income at 20-thousand dollars a year on top of the 76-thousand dollar pay for a state representative. He says being a state rep. is a full time job and if a member of the house is working outside of the office they will be neglecting some aspect of their duties. He says it will also help to eliminate any conflicts of interest. He says people running businesses, practicing as lawyers or engaged in some other job, tend to vote for measures that help that profession. Deluca says the 20-thousand dollar cap is high enough to keep people from complaining that they can not make enough to run for the position while at the same time it is low enough that it will not take away too much of the lawmaker’s time.

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