Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Moon Road May Help Attract Jobs

The extension of a road in Moon Township will bring jobs to Allegheny County, according to local and state officials. County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and Pennsylvania Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Yablonsky were among those who held a ribbon-cutting on the Cherrington Parkway extension today. Since the extension is still largely surrounded by open land, the ribbon was held by two people while others cut it.

Extending Cherrington Parkway provides access to about 60 acres of land that the county is making "shovel-ready" for new development. That means things like installing water and sewer service. Research by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development indicated that the county lost 4,000 jobs over an 18-month period because of a lack of shovel-ready land.

Earlier today, Onorato and Yablonsky attended a groundbreaking in South Fayette Township, where a former brownfield will become the site of the Newbury development. It will include shops, about 200 homes, and 130 acres of open space. The first homes are expected to be ready sometime next year.

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