Friday, March 21, 2008

2nd Rt. 28 test blast goes well

Penn Dot crews closed Rt. 28 between Blawnox and Rt. 910 to perform another test blast on the slope above the road. Penn Dot spokesperson Jim Struzi says the rock gave way and fell safely into the catch zone. Traffic was allowed back through the area about 10 minutes after the detonation. A similar test Monday did not go as planned an traffic was stopped for more than an hour. Struzi says new drill patterns and more explosives were used this time. The plan is to begin weekly blasting next week. Struzi says crews hope to do the blasting at the same time each week to allow motorists to get into a rhythm. the work will continue all summer. The hillside is being cut back to prevent future landslides which have plagued the section of highway for years.

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