Monday, March 10, 2008

City Hotline to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

Pittsburgh's 3-1-1 line is now going to help homeowners find the resources they need to keep their homes, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced today. Troubled homeowners can call and be directed to agencies that can best help them, mostly based on location.
"There is nothing to be embarrassed about," Ravenstahl said. He says more than half of those facing foreclosure don't talk with their lending company about their problems. Pittsburgh has fared relatively well considering the national situation, but working class neighborhoods are the hardest hit.
Brian Hudson of the Pennsylvania Housing and Finance Association says they offer two different loan programs, designed for two different situations, along with available federal assistance. Residents can also call 1-800-PA-BANKS as another way to find local resources.
The goal is to get homeowners in danger at least pointed in the right direction to get help. "I don't think I'd know where to call I was in danger of foreclosure," Ravenstahl said.

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