Friday, March 14, 2008

Rendell, Obama Campaign Jab Over Importance of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is slamming Barack Obama's campaign for a memo downplaying the importance of the Democratic primary election in the Commonwealth.
The memo describes Pennsylvania as (quote) "only one of 10 remaining contests, each important in terms of allocating delegates and ultimately deciding who our nominee will be."
Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe elaborated on that in a conference call with reporters

"Our campaign will not be defined by Pennsylvania. We will be campaigning in all of the rest of the states. We're going to Indiana very shortly, many of the other states in the next few weeks."

Governor Rendell, speaking to reporters on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign, rebuked that statement.

"The Obama campaign's attempt to diminish the importance of the state particularly with six weeks to go and their candidate being one of the best campaigners and politicians that I've ever seen, it makes no sense. As I said, it's a little bit off-putting to all of us.

Rendell says the Democratic Party needs a candidate who can win Pennsylvania - as it will be a crucial swing state in the November.
The Obama campaign says that Rendell also admitted that he thought either Clinton or Obama could win Pennsylvania in November. Obama told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he is taking the Pennsylvania Primary seriously.

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