Tuesday, June 22, 2010

IUP to Hike Rates for Some Graduate Degrees

Some graduate students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania will pay an extra 5% for tuition starting next fall.

The additional fee on the college’s more expensive doctorate and master’s programs will be assessed on top of a possible tuition increase from the State System of Higher Education, which manages the school.

IUP spokeswoman Michelle Fryling says the university won’t know how much revenue it will gain through the tuition hike until the State System sets its rates.

Fryling says only eight of the 765 affected students increase gave feedback to the university.

“Certainly, no one wants to pay more, but I think they understand that they want to keep the quality of their programs intact.”

The school has been struggling between maintaining quality programs and cutting operational costs. Although some vacant positions at the university aren’t being filled, Fryling says in this case it’s better to increase tuition than to cut professors or programs.

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