Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Onorato: Why Wait Till Last Minute?

While legislative leaders work to patch together a budget deal before July 1, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato says there’s no reason to cut it so close to the deadline.
A centerpiece of Onorato’s gubernatorial platform is a vow to make sure the House and Senate both pass budgets by May 15, so the two chambers have more than a month to hash out their differences.
Several lawmakers have dismissed Onorato’s suggestion, saying it’s irresponsible to budget before the commonwealth’s full revenue picture is in place at the end of May – especially during volatile years where Pennsylvania faces deficits.
In an interview with DUQ, Onorato countered that argument, pointing out tax revenue could drop off at any point during the year.

"They’re volatile today. They’re volatile last week. They’re volatile in January. They’re volatile every month of the year, so what’s the difference? You’re going to have a volatile situation in May. You’re going to have a volatile situation on June 30. You have to budget."

Both Onorato and Republican nominee Tom Corbett are vowing to make sure budgets are in place by the June 30th deadline.
That’s something that hasn’t happened yet during the Rendell Administration.

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