Friday, October 31, 2008

2008 DiverseCITY Program Series

As part of an ongoing series, a symposium on the business advantages of a diverse workforce was held this morning in downtown Pittsburgh, hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics. Professor Audrey Murrell of Pitt's Graduate School of Business says more research is needed, but data clearly show that diversity benefits recruitment, retention and innovation, making a business more effective. In the Pittsburgh region, Murrell says the challenges are opportunities for African Americans and a glass ceiling for women.

Urban League President and CEO Esther Bush says our country will not reach its full potential until the skills, talents and resources of all its people are utilized, including women, the disabled and ethnic and racial minorities. She says governmental remedies are inconsistently addressed even when there are laws on the books, e.g., the Justice Department's Office of Civil Rights has not addressed racial discrimination in the last eight years.

There will be other workshops and symposia on the topic through December.

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