Thursday, October 9, 2008

DeWeese Fires Back at Former Chief of Staff

Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese says the testimony of a former aide implicating DeWeese in the so-called Bonusgate scandal is false.
Representative DeWeese called an impromptu press conference in a hallway outside the House of Representatives to dispute the comments of his former chief of staff.
Mike Manzo testified at a preliminary hearing for 2 people indicted in connection with alleged illegal bonuses paid to state employees for doing campaign work. Manzo testified that DeWeese knew about bonuses given to state staffers and condoned them.
DeWeese called Manzo a desperate and disgruntled former employee.

"Mike Manzo's speculation that I knew about his criminal acts is absolutely false and there is no evidence to support his opinion."

DeWeese says he has fully cooperated with authorities, and Manzo is retaliating against him for being fired last year.

"He has lied to his wife, to his girlfriend, to investigators and to me. His motives are suspect and his opinions are just not credible."

The grand jury presentment handed down in August charged that Manzo gave an alleged girlfriend in Pittsburgh a ghost job.
Senior Deputy Attorney General Anthony Krastek would not comment on whether DeWeese will be indicted. He only said the investigation is continuing.

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