Tuesday, October 28, 2008

City Residents Can Put it All in one Blue Bag

Starting Monday all city residents will be able to mix the recyclables and add in a few new products. Since January about half of the city has been able to put plastic and metal into one blue bag and leave it on the curb for the recycling truck. The rest of the city will be able to do that beginning November 3rd. Residents will also be able to start adding in paper including bulk mail, newspapers and phone books. Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says the city is also trying to get business owners on board by providing technical support, opening new drop off points and placing 150 recycling containers in the city’s business districts. The city’s three major sports teams are also going to green up their acts by recycling more waste including leftover cooking oil and aluminum cans. For every ton of waste moved from the trash stream to the recycling stream the city sees a net gain of 75 dollars. Ravenstahl says the city has seen an increase in the tonnage of recycled materials increase by 30 percent since starting the pilot program for a savings of nearly 700-thousand dollars.

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