Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Residency Restriction Map on Allegheny County Website

If you look at the map on the Allegheny County website showing residency restrictions for registered sex offenders, you may conclude they have nowhere to live, but the County Council member who introduced the ordinance says the map is misleading.

Vince Gastgeb, who represents District 5 in the South Hills, says the map looks more restrictive than it is because it's keyed to main roads. He says the map indicates his street is restricted, but if you type it in, it shows it is not. Gastgeb says the parents he represents want children protected, so they don't have to walk by a sex offender's residence going to and from school.

The Allegheny County ordinance is modeled after others all over the country that courts have upheld, according to Gastgeb.

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