Friday, June 4, 2010

Arts Festival Brings Green Message Downtown

The Three Rivers Arts Festival began in downtown Pittsburgh today.

The festival is weaving together several themes, including environmentalism and the interaction of the arts and technology.

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust spokeswoman Lauren Bracey says it’s a great coincidence that World Environment Day will happen during the festival.

“We didn’t have to become a green festival; we already were a green festival,” says Bracey.

She says for the past few years, the Three Rivers Arts Festival has sorted recyclables from trash and compost. Bracey says last year, more than 50 tons of garbage were recycled or composted, instead of being put in the trash stream.

Bracey says Guster, one of today’s most environmentally engaged bands, will play tomorrow night. Other music acts include the Dirty Dozen Brass Band on Sunday, the Venezuelan disco group Los Amigos Invisibles on Wednesday, and songwriter Kris Kristofferson on Friday night.

About 320 different artists will showcase their work in the artists’ market over the course of the festival. Bracey says the festival board also responded to patrons’ demand for more visual arts by bringing back a juried exhibition at the Trust Arts Education Center on Liberty Avenue.

Visit the Arts Festival website for more information.

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