Thursday, June 10, 2010

Citizens Urged to Report Nuisance Bars

Pittsburgh City Council discussed nuisance bars at today’s post-agenda meeting.

Councilwoman Theresa Smith says she called for the dialogue because she wants city residents to know what to do if they have a nuisance bar in their community.

City Solicitor Dan Regan says citizens must continually file complaints with the Nuisance Bar Task Force. He says as complaints must grow more frequent, agencies like the police and the Task Force will compile that data and give it to the District Attorney’s Office. From there, the D.A. can decide whether to pursue legal action.

Regan says even if there is no court case taken against the bar operator, the state’s Liquor Control Board will take the complaints into consideration when the bar is up for a liquor license renewal.

Smith says even if it takes a few years, communities can see results when complaining about nuisance bars. She urged residents to remain persistent when it comes to these bars.

The Nuisance Bar Task Force can be reached at 412-323-7761.

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