Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toomey & Sestak Disagree Over Cap and Trade

Many environmental advocates are urging President Obama to renew his push for a cap-and-trade energy bill during tonight’s Oval Office address, which will be broadcast by 90.5 WDUQ at 8 o'clock.
But Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey says that type of legislation would cripple Pennsylvania’s economy.
Speaking at a Dauphin County coffeehouse, Toomey warned a bill taxing energy consumption would cause utility rates to skyrocket, and would force small businesses to close up shop.

"The Democratic administration that we have today, their Public Utilities Commission has indicated from a study that they believe that if this cap-and-trade legislation were fully implemented, the bill that Joe Sestak voted for and said didn’t go far enough – it would cost Pennsylvania 66-thousand jobs over the next ten years."

A PUC spokeswoman says Toomey is referring to a letter three commissioners sent to Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation last year, in which they urged lawmakers to vote against the measure.
The bill passed the House last June, but has stalled in the Senate. Toomey’s opponent, Congressman Joe Sestak, voted for the measure.
He says he’s confident the energy overhaul would create more Pennsylvania jobs over time.

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