Monday, June 14, 2010

Video Highlight Foundation's New Website

The Pittsburgh Foundation is looking to be a bit more transparent in what it does and do a better job of telling the foundation’s story by launching a new web design. Foundation Marketing Manager Christopher Whitlatch says, “the Pittsburgh Foundation is the community foundation for the area so we definitely wanted to put the community back into the foundation.” Chief among the changes is a new section of videos produced by groups that have received grants from the foundation. Whitlatch says the foundation gave video cameras to a pilot group of grantees in September and the videos were posted last week. He says the videos underwent very little editing by the foundation. “In some cases we might edit it for time but we wanted to give the organizations the freedom tell their story as they see fit,” says Whitlatch, “at times you might see some bouncy video but we think that is all part of the story telling process.” The foundation plans to expand the program to additional grantees throughout the year. A camera was sent to Westmoreland County for use this summer. The Pittsburgh Foundation and the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County announced plans this spring to merge operations later this year. Donors to the foundation may also be given cameras to tell their stories but for now Whitlatch says those stores are being told in writing.
At the same time the Pittsburgh foundation launched a new site “Pittsburgh on Video.” Individuals and organizations can upload videos about their community to the site where other can view, comment and rate the video. The Pittsburgh Foundation moderates the site for content.

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