Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Applications Still Being Accepted for "FairCare"

There are still more than a thousand spots available in Pennsylvania's new high-risk health insurance pool.
Pennsylvania's Insurance Department received more than a thousand bids to join its new coverage plan for people with preexisting conditions during the first day of its application window.
But since then, things have slowed down, and fewer than two thousand people have applied for its 35-hundred spots.
Spokeswoman Melissa Fox says the department will launch radio and Internet ads over the next few weeks, in order to spread the word about the program.

"We're not going to do Philly or Pittsburgh, only because we're still seeing a steady stream of interest in those counties. In addition, those are the two most expensive media markets out there. So we hope to get some advertising out within the next few weeks, in early September."

The PA Fair Care program will run until 2014, when the new federal health care law kicks in.
Fox says there are more than 800-thousand uninsured Pennsylvanians, though the department doesn't know how many of them have preexisting health conditions.

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