Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clinton Stumps for Sestak

Former President Bill Clinton defended President Obama and the Democratic Congress, during a campaign appearance for U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak in Scranton.
Clinton only made a handful of references to Sestak during his half hour speech.
The former president spent the bulk of his time defending the federal stimulus bill, health care overhaul, and other Democratic policies that have come under fire from conservatives this election cycle.
Clinton told the crowd of several hundred that President Obama and the Democratic-controlled House and Senate are doing a good job, but just haven’t had enough time to completely turn the economy around.

"And you know that old rule, the first thing you’ve got to do when you’re in a hole is quit digging? Well, we quit digging. And now we’re building our way out of it. If you vote for these people who are running against guys like Joe Sestak, they’ll go up there and take the oath of office. They’ll have one hand on the bible and they got a shovel in the other hand. They want to start digging again."

At several points during the speech, Clinton argued he was a better steward of the economy than either President Bush, or President Reagan.
Clinton said he didn’t know much about Joe Sestak when the Admiral joined his National Security Council in 1994.
"But I knew enough to know that he was invaluable while he was there. Because I came in – I had been a governor. I knew what I was supposed to do on the economy. I had a lot to learn on national security. And thanks to Joe Sestak I learned a lot in a short time, and we did a pretty good job."

Sestak was forced to skip the rally because of a House vote on a federal medical funding measure that will plug a 600 million dollar gap in Pennsylvania’s state budget.

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