Monday, August 30, 2010

Route 28 Fun Begins

After rush hour today, PennDOT’s multi-year Route 28 project will begin 1300 feet north of the 31st Street Bridge through the 40th Street Bridge interchange. Northbound traffic will be restricted to a single lane through 2014.

During rush hours, there will still be two southbound lanes, although one may be closed when necessary at off hours because construction will actually be occurring on the southbound side of the road. Jim Struzzi, District 11 press officer, says drivers can access real time cameras at the website to see how Route 28 traffic is moving.

An alternate northbound route is to take Butler Street through Lawrenceville to the 40th Street or Highland Park Bridge. PennDOT has constructed improvements at key intersections to facilitate traffic flow.

Struzzi says Route 28 will be a free flowing and much safer road, with median barriers, when the project is completed.

A PowerPoint presentation of the whole project can be found online.

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