Thursday, August 19, 2010

Onorato Talks Economics at Pgh. Training Center

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato visited a vocational training facility in Pittsburgh today, praising the site as an important part of Pennsylvania’s economic recovery.

The Pittsburgh Job Corps is training about 350 youths in 10 vocational programs, including healthcare, energy, and maintenance. The center also helps students get college degrees from the Community Colleges of Allegheny and Butler Counties.

Onorato says sites like this are part of his four-point plan to turn around the state’s economy.

“One of those four points is making sure that our Votech schools, our community colleges, our training facilities, our four-year degree colleges, that we have curriculums that match the needs of our companies or the industries that we have today and what we expect to have tomorrow,” says Onorato. “When you see placements of 90% to 100% depending on what field here, it’s working.”

The Allegheny County Executive says he also wants to lower the corporate tax, and make the state more attractive to businesses by loosening Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Transportation regulations. He says as governor, he would try to close loopholes that allow corporations to avoid corporate taxes.

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