Sunday, February 27, 2011

PA Workers Rally to Support Wisconsin Colleagues

Protesters turned out Saturday at state capitals, including Harrisburg, and other cities across the nation to support teachers and other public workers holding steady at the Wisconsin capitol in their fight against legislation aimed at stripping most of their collective bargaining rights. The protest in Madison is now 12 days old and it attracted more than 70,000 people Saturday, the largest crowd yet.
Hundreds of people including auto workers, teachers, electricians, postal workers and railroad workers gathered at Pennsylvania's state capital. They chanted and carried signs. Michael Morrill of the organizing group Keystone Progress said they wanted to "stand in solidarity with Wisconsin workers and American families everywhere." Morrill said they also hoped to deter Governor Tom Corbett from any such effort in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, several dozen people across the street sounded whistles and bullhorns in a counter protest.

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