Friday, February 25, 2011

Toomey: Everything Open to Cuts But Social Security

Pennsylvania's Junior U-S Senator is crossing the Commonwealth trying to get a feel for what Pennsylvanians deem to be barriers to job creation.
Republican Pat Toomey is touring the state speaking with business owners.
On a stop at the Harrisburg Regional Chamber, he said they've expressed the same two concerns -- the nation's mounting deficit and having to deal with federal regulatory agencies...
"The EPA comes up frequently as a real problem for our farmers, a problem for municipalities, a problem for our coal industry, in some cases utilities. So that's an example, but you know, I was up in Erie and in Meadville, in Crawford County, and I was hearing from folks who have real problems with the USDA and in other contexts the FDA."

Toomey says the Obama Administration's 2012 budget is not helping....
"He proposed a budget that continues to run huge deficits. We continue to add to our nation's debt. Under his plan, over ten years, in fact, not only does our debt grow, but it even grows as a percentage of our economy. And if we don't get our spending and our fiscal picture under control, we are not going to have the strong economic growth and job creation that we need."

Toomey says the G-O-P should offer an alternative to Obama's spending plan. He's against making cuts to Social Security, saying it would not be fair "to pull the rug out from under folks."
But he says everything has to be on the table, including the defense budget.

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