Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thousands To Lose Health Insurance in PA

A state-run health insurance program for 40,000 low-income Pennsylvanians will expire Monday, but the Corbett Administration won’t step in to extend adultBasic.
Republican Governor Tom Corbett blames his Democratic predecessor for adultBasic’s demise.
Corbett spokesman Kevin Harley says Governor Rendell shouldn’t have extended the program’s rolls, knowing its funding agreement was expiring.

"It’s unfortunate that Governor Rendell never lived up to his commitment. But the fact is, it’s unsustainable, and there’s no money in the budget for it."

adultBasic supporters aren’t giving up hope. At a Capitol rally, Reverend Amy Reumann of the Lutheran Advocacy Ministry urged Corbett to step in and save the program.

"We don’t accept it at this point. We still think there is room. And if he could simply function in the role to bring all the players to the table, where there could be some negotiation around, how can we continue it? Do the blues still have a charitable obligation, and if so, what form is that going to take? What could be the role of other insurance agencies out there?
I think there are still solutions and possibilities out there, if there’s a will. And we look to him to give that moral leadership."

Philadelphia-based Community Legal Services has threatened to sue over Corbett’s decision to end the program. Harley brushed off the threat, saying, “the state gets sued about 70 times a week.”

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