Monday, February 21, 2011

Pgh., N. Ireland to Share Sustainability Ideas

A delegation of business and government representatives from Northern Ireland will come to Pittsburgh to discuss sustainable environmental practices Monday to Thursday .

President Jim Lamb of the Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh says his organization is hosting several seminars to spark discussion between the regions on sustainable environmental practices in business and government.

Lamb says Northern Ireland wants to become a leading European region in terms of sustainable business development and renewable energy.

“I think they identify Pittsburgh, for a number of reasons, as a similar kind of region that it might make sense to partner [with],” says Lamb.

In addition to talks between businesses and government, ten graduate students from Northern Ireland who came to Pittsburgh last year will share their sustainable practices studies with the delegation.

Lamb says talks on sustainable technology between Pittsburgh and Northern Ireland began shortly after the September 2009 G-20 Summit of world leaders.

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