Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2 Pittsburgh Organizations Become Arts Partners

The Hill House Association, based in Pittsburgh's Hill District, today announced a joint venture that will put the arts programming of the Association's Kaufmann Center under the direction of the Kelly Strayhorn Theater of East Liberty. The partnership will allow the Kelly Strayhorn to implement its community theater program in the Kaufmann Center which has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation.
Hill House President and CEO Victor Roque says the Kelly Strayhorn is one of the most vibrant cultural amenities in the city....."Under the direction of Janera Solomon they have completely revived the concept of walking a few blocks to attend the theater. That's an urban cultural experience we'd like to replicate in the Hill District."
Executive Director Solomon says the Kelly Strayhorn gives artists theater time and space for preparation and rehearsal leading up to shows and performances and that has built strong relationships with local artists who typically don't have the space or resources to stage productions.
Solomon says they will try to determine what resonates most with Hill District residents...."Our initial efforts will focus on the interests and desires of those within walking distance of the theater (Kaufmann Center). Our vision over time is that this historic building and amazing community resource become a place where arts are explored and experienced as the everyday Hill District experience."

On Wednesday, March 16 there will be a dedication of the Kaufmann Center and an event called "Story Jam: The Hill District in Chapters," where the community is invited to tel land hear stories about the Hill in words, pictures and music. Two days later, 9-time Grammy award-winner John Legend will give a benefit performance.

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