Monday, March 21, 2011

Donations Needed for Fallen Heroes Memorial

The Bloomfield Development Corporation is asking 200 groups to donate $100 apiece so the Fallen Heroes Memorial can be completed by April 4.

BDC Executive Director Karla Owens says the deadline is important because it marks exactly two years since three Pittsburgh police officers were killed by a gunman.

“Last year, on the first anniversary, when the sidewalks just went in, we stood there and kind of made a promise to the community and the families that we would have this completed by next year,” says Owens.

Owens says the memorial fund has already received about $80,000, but $20,000 is still needed to finish the statue of St. Michael. A walkway and garden are already complete.

Owens says she hopes groups like office departments can put together $100 to donate to the fund. She says groups that contribute will get a decal to thank them for their support.

The memorial will stand next to St. Joseph’s Church in Bloomfield.

“The significance of the church in the community (it has such presence in the community) makes it a perfect place for this whole community endeavor,” says Owens. “This project has been everybody donating time and dollars to see it to completion. There’s really no better place than right there in the center of town.”

Donations can be made out by mail to the Permanent Memorial for Fallen Heroes, c/o Bloomfield Development Corporation, 366 Gross St., Pittsburgh 15224. You can also donate online at or by phone at (412)681-8800.

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