Monday, March 28, 2011

Urban League to Fight for Jobs at Capitol Hill

Jobs, jobs, jobs is the focus of this year's annual National Urban League's summit. Esther Bush, Greater Pittsburgh Urban League CEO and President says that they are going to present a ten-point plan to the legislators during the conference regarding jobs for African Americans.

"The plan is really how we can create jobs. It's about making sure that green jobs are offered, and training is offered in the inner city," she says.

The 2011 Legislative Policy Conference marks the 34th release of the League's annual publication, "The State of Black America," (SOBA). This year's literature will concentrate undoubtedly on jobs, and particularly on Black unemployment in the nation which is at 15.3 percent according to the US Labor Department's February report.

On top of that, the National Urban League's Equality Index will also be announced. The annual report compares social, political, and economic status of African Americans and Latinos to that of Caucasians.

However, the summit is only the beginning, and Bush explains her plans for afterwards in the Pittsburgh area.

"When we come back, I am looking to work with partnerships to follow up on the recommendations that the Senators and Congresspeople have made regarding what they can do to assist African Americans."

The event will be held at Capitol Hill and Howard University's Crampton Auditorium from March 29-31. To view a webcast from the event, www.visit

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