Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mayors for Meals Day

Local officials are making house deliveries on Wednesday, March 23, for the annual Mayors for Meals program. The national event has been in the region for several years, and the Lutheran Service Society, one of the largest providers of Meals on Wheels (MOW), is continuing the tradition with at least 22 mayors and other officials delivering meals to show support for the seniors in their communities. On this special day, volunteers for Meals On Wheels get a well-deserved day off and hand their duties to someone like Heidi Paul, the mayor of Bridgewater Borough on Beaver County. This is the second year participating for Paul, and she says that the experience is rewarding.

"I think it's an awesome program, and I just wish more people would get involved because they have volunteers, but they could always use more," Paul said.

Last year, she said she delivered about twenty meals in the Beaver area, and this year she'll be delivering meals in her own Bridgewater area.

Carnegie Mayor Jack Kobistek says that by having the mayors deliver the meals, it highlights the need for the Meals on Wheels program in all of the region's communities.

"This isn't about me," he says. "This is about the Meals on Wheels program and it's about the volunteers who service the Meals on Wheels program."

Local officials who will be participating throughout the region include:
Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl will deliver with Brighton Heights MOW.
State Senator Jim Brewster will deliver with McKeesport MOW.
McKeesport Mayor Regis McLaughlin and White Oak Mayor Ina Jean Marton will deliver with McKeesport MOW
Bridgewater Mayor Heidi Paul will deliver with Beaver Area MOW.
Millvale Mayor Vincent Cinski will deliver with Millvale MOW.
Mercer Mayor Steven Van Woert will deliver with Grove City MOW.
Scott Township Board of Commissioners President Patricia Caruso will deliver with Scott Township Area MOW.
Crafton Mayor James Bloom will deliver with Crafton MOW.
Bridgeville Mayor Donald Dolde will deliver with Bridgeville MOW.
Dormont Mayor Thomas Lloyd will deliver with Beechview/Dormont MOW.
Evans City Mayor Gary Foster will deliver with Zelienople/Evans City MOW.
Chippewa Township Supervisor Nancy Lamey will deliver with Chippewa MOW.
Carnegie Mayor Jack Kobistek will with Carnegie MOW.
Elizabeth Township Board of Commissioners President Joanne Beckowitz will deliver with Elizabeth-Forward MOW.
Clairton Mayor Rich Lattanzi will volunteer with Clairton MOW.
Braddock Mayor John Fetterman and Wilkins Township Board of Commissioners President Sylvia Martinelli will deliver with Wilkins Area MOW.
Ross Township Commissioner Grace Stanko will deliver with West View MOW.
Shaler Township Commissioners David Shutter, Susan Fisher, and Lori Mizgorski will deliver with Shaler-Ross MOW.

To become a part of Meals on Wheels in Pittsburgh or other services provided by the Lutheran Service Society visit their website at www.LSSWPA.org.

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