Monday, June 13, 2011

PSO Contract Deal Arrives 3 Months Early

The musicians and Board Members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra have come to what’s being called an “extraordinary” three-year contract agreement.

PSO President Larry Tamburri says the performers have agreed to a 9.7% pay cut and a change from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan, almost three months before the current contract expires.

Tamburri says they also offered to donate $200,000 to the orchestra’s annual fund over the next two years.

The annual base pay for symphony players will be near $100,000 for the next two years, about $10,000 less than in the current contract. The musicians’ union and the Board will negotiate a figure for the third year of the contract, based on the health of the economy closer to that time.

Tamburri says by both accepting a pay cut and agreeing to donate, the performers are demonstrating their commitment to the future of the PSO.

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