Monday, June 20, 2011

Redevelopment of a Brownfield Site in McKees Rocks May Come

On Monday afternoon, the North Side Industrial Complex received a million dollars from the Environmental Protection Agency to go towards environmental assessments of brownfields.

This comes after receiving other funds for the redeveloping The P&LE Railroad, the brownfields site in McKees Rocks.

The money will go towards transforming an abandoned industrial site into a new space that can be used for a variety of industries including manufacturing, office space. It would be similar to the projects at Washington's Landing or the South Side Works.

If built to the capacity that they would like for it to be built, it would create more 414 direct jobs and 320 direct construction jobs in a community that is economically depressed. Craig Rippole, President of Trinity Commerce Development who has designed their dream plan for the site sad that this will "bring this property back to productive use," and that it is an ideal project because it addresses both environmental and economic concerns.

The site sits on a flat 52 acres.

There is no timeline for when the project will begin or end. Philip Cynar, a spokesman for the Allegheny Conference said they are still awaiting an unspecified amount of money from the state.

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