Tuesday, July 22, 2008

GPS suggested for Megan's Law

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner is urging lawmakers to require the use of global positioning technology to track sex offenders. A recent audit finds the state has lost about 10-percent of all the sexual offenders who are supposed to register their home address under Megan's law. Wagner urged lawmakers to pass legislation that would require all sexually violent offenders to be tracked using GPS for 5 years following their release from prison. Others offenders who have violated Megan’s law in the past would also have to wear the ankle bracelet and GPS device. He says using G-P-S technology will do more than let police track down offenders, it will keep them from committing new crimes. Wagner says the data collected can also be used in the prosecution of crimes. The tracking systems can notify police or victims anytime an offender leaves a so-called inclusion zone or enters and exclusion zone. 33 states already use the technology and at least 27 Pennsylvania counties monitor some parolee’s using GPS.

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