Monday, July 21, 2008

Alcoa Develops Low-Emission Buses for Olympics

Alcoa has joined forces with Yutong Bus Company, the largest bus producer in China and 2nd largest in the world, to develop environmentally-friendly prototype buses to use in the Beijing Olympics.

"We do the space frame technology for Ferraris. We do the space frame technology for Aldis. [Workers ask themselves] how could we lend the same space frame technology to the structure of the bus as well as adding other components?" said Kevin Lowery, spokesperson for Alcoa.

However, Lowery says it's much more complicated than taking an old Ferrari space frame and molding it for a bus.

In the end, Yutong and Alcoa designed two buses that are 1.5 tons lighter than a typical bus, creating significantly lower greenhouse emissions.

They are currently being road tested and will be used in the Beijing Olympics next month.

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