Monday, July 7, 2008

Pittsburgh's "Green Plan" gets attention

The writers of the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan went before City Council Monday in an effort to build support and explain the process. The report outlines a long list of ideas that could be implemented in the city to help reduce not only the government’s carbon footprint but also the carbon footprint of every city resident. Rebecca Flora of the Green Building Alliance says that broad focus makes the action plan different from any she has read worldwide. PennFuture spokesperson Jeanne Clark says it is important that the proposals be prioritized and that some quick and easy projects be launched first. Among them could be improving recycling rates. Council members expressed a desire that proposals that will result in immediate cost savings be highlighted and that grants be found to help cover up front costs. The report will be the subject of a public hearing Tuesday July 22. Clark says city employees and all city residents will have to be educated about the green plan and encouraged to put it in place. She says that task will be much easier today than it was a few years ago because global warming and high energy prices have gotten so much attention.

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