Monday, July 7, 2008

Rendell Signs Bridge Repair Legislation

Legislation that increases state funding for bridge repairs now has Governor Ed Rendell's signature. Rebuild Pennsylvania includes 350 million dollars for repairs to 411 structurally-deficient bridges. Allegheny County has 30 of those bridges, the most of any county in the state. Bridges that carry the Parkway East over Rodi Road, Thompson Run and Business Route 22 are among those that will be fixed.

Rendell says when he took office, Pennsylvania had about 5500 structurally-deficient bridges--the most in the country. Pennsylvania also has the oldest bridges in the country.

Rendell says he's been criticized for borrowing money for his initiatives. He says it's not "borrowing," it's "investing." And he says he doubts anyone near the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota would argue against borrowing money to make sure bridges are safe. He also says fixing bridges is vital for a strong economy. And he says the repairs will create jobs.

A full list of the bridges that will be fixed is available on PennDot's website. Click on the link for "Rebuild PA Bridges."

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