Tuesday, August 25, 2009

18 Suspected H1N1 Cases at CMU

Since classes began at Carnegie Mellon University yesterday, 18 possible cases of the swine flu have been reported to the University's Student Health Services. CMU Spokesman Ken Walters says they have been following CDC precautions to help prevent the spread. An e-mail was sent to students Monday night advising them of the situation and that if they experience flu-like symptoms and a fever to immediately call Student Health Services. The e-mail had also called for isolation until 24 hours pass with no fever. Walters says it's still "business as usual", with classes going uninterrupted. He also notes that 18 cases at a university with more than 10,000 is a very small percentage, and students should not be alarmed. All suspected cases have been mild.

Walters says they are not testing for the flu, in accordance with CDC guidelines saying it is not necessary if it is not the first tested in the community. He says there were 6 to 8 suspected cases at the University over the summer. Allegheny County Health Department Spokesman Guillermo Cole says CMU is taking all the necessary precautions for the situation.

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