Monday, August 31, 2009

Chinese Students to Stage G20 Welcome

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association at the University of Pittsburgh is planning a special welcome for the Chinese foreign ministers who will be arriving for the G20 summit next month.

President Ying Yang says that as many as 2000 Chinese students from states like Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will eagerly await President Hu and other officials from their homeland at the airport and their hotel. She says housing all of these visitors is going to be quite a job – students from Pitt and Carnegie Mellon will be able to accommodate a few, but the larger problem remains unsolved.

Once that’s settled, though, Ying says she hopes to give her guests a little something to do. She wants to host a series of lectures relating to the G20 and trade issues, with some high ranking Chinese officials as the keynote speakers. Ying says most of all, though, the students just want to get a glimpse of their president while he’s in town.

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