Monday, August 24, 2009

Transportation Study Released

The group, Transportation For America, has released a report entitled “Stranded at the Station: The Impact of the Financial Crisis in PublicTransportation.” The report found that 9 out of every 10 transit agencies are facing financial crises at a time when public transportation is being used at record levels. The report found that many agencies are cutting services and raising rates. One of the problems the report found is that federal funding for transit agencies has not been used in a way that really benefits the agencies. Transportation for America spokesman David Goldberg says that federal funds are only allowed to be used on capital projects such as purchasing new buses and building new rail systems and not on general budget items such as salaries and maintenance.
Allegheny County Port Authority Spokesman Jim Ritchie says PAT is raising its base fare in January but by no more than a quarter and that it is working on expanding its service. Ritchie says PAT expects the Northshore connector project to be completed by 2011. PAT is also looking at growing budget deficits in the next few years with funding from the state and county remaining at current levels.

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