Saturday, August 29, 2009

NRA Angry about G20 Proposed Ordinance

A provision in a proposed security ordinance for the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh next month has the National Rifle Association upset. Pittsburgh City Council holds a public hearing Wednesday on ordinances that would ban gas masks, PVC pipe to link protesters, noxious substances and "contraband" weapons to thwart police efforts. The "contraband weapons" description comes from a dormant assault weapons ban, approved by Council in 1993 but quashed the next year by the state.
Attorney Meghan Jones-Rolla, who represented the N.R.A. in its suit challenging the city's ordinance to require the reporting of lost or stolen guns, called the proposed G20 ordinance a back door attempt at an assault weapons ban. Council President Doug Shields has suggested an expiration date on the ordinance, but the Ravenstahl Administration has not included a sunset provision.
A spokesman hinted that if the ban is passed and kept in place, the N-R-A could move its 2011 national convention out of Pittsburgh.

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