Monday, August 31, 2009

Point Park Makeover Continues

The next phase of renovations at Point State Park has begun, and subsequently many of the riverside areas have been closed to the public. Specifically, the wharf areas and walkways along the rivers, restrooms, the fountain, woodland areas, and boat tie-ups will be blocked to pedestrians.

Visitors can still access the city-side lawn, the Portal Bridge, the Great Lawn, the North and South Shore walkways, and both the Fort Pitt Blockhouse and Museum.

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources spokeswoman Christina Novak says the iconic fountain will be closed for improvements and maintenance. Although the jet will be shut off for a year or more, it will make appearances during special city events, like the G20 summit and the Steelers’ season kickoff. Alcoa, Riverlife, and DCNR will fund this temporary fix.

When completed, improvements will include historical interpretations throughout the park, more shrubbery in the woodland area, and new pedestrian walkways and promenades. The $30 million renovation began in 2006 and is funded by a combination of state and private investments.

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