Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mr. McFeely and Mayor Urge Pittsburghers to Mail In Census Forms

Thursday April 1st is Census Day. American residents are urged to mail in a census form. The form collects basic demographic information that is used to determine how to apportion members of the House of Representatives and how federal funding is distributed. Mr. McFeely of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Census Officials gathered on the front steps of The City-County Building to urge all residents to mail in their forms.
"When federal dollars are given out to communities for transportation projects, for infrastructure improvements, for schools - those types of things, they base those allocations a lot of the times on how many people you have living in your community," said Ravenstahl.
Mr. McFeely, known as Speedy Delivery, then dropped off his and the Mayor's census forms at the post office.

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