Saturday, March 27, 2010

WDUQ Wins Broadcast Journalism Awards

WDUQ took home four Pennsylvania Associated Broadcast Association awards last night.

In the Enterprise/Individual Reporting Category DUQ’s Larkin Page-Jacobs earned a second place award for her story "Sensory Switch: New Hope for Blinded Veterans" Where Page-Jacobs explored a new technology that allows the blind to “see” through their tongues.

In the Public Affairs Category, WDUQ gathered up a second place award for "Living and Working with Behavioral Health Challenges" by Erika Beras. It was produced as part of our ongoing behavioral health series.

In the Feature Category, WDUQ was honored with a Third place award for "Drake's Well: 150th Anniversary" by Anchor and Reporter Alexandria Chaklos who looked at the anniversary of he start of the petroleum economy.

Finally, WDUQ picked up a First place award in the Sports Feature Category for Erika Beras’s piece "Miracle League"

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