Monday, February 7, 2011

Township Leaders Want Tax Payments Early

A league of Pennsylvania municipalities is urging Governor Tom Corbett to distribute fuel tax funds early so they can repair winter road damage.

The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors wants about $300 million in fuel tax revenue issued about two months earlier than its regular April 1 release.

The PSATS says this “unusually harsh winter” has made local roads unsafe for motorists.

But Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesman Rich Kirkpatrick says there might be drawbacks to releasing the funds early.

“It’s a matter of following what is provided for in state law,” says Kirkpatrick. “Currently, those payments are supposed to go April 1. Any deviation from that gets into a number of legal and technical issues that Governor Corbett’s administration is reviewing at this point.”

The association’s executive director David Sanko says if the state doesn’t release the money early, many local governments will have to borrow money and thus pay interest.

The fuel tax revenue was distributed early last year after former Governor Ed Rendell declared a state of emergency.

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