Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Carnegie Science Center Wants Pictures

If you think you have an eye for photography and a grasp of science, the Carnegie Science Center wants to give you $500 dollars. The Science Center has launched “The Art of Science” photo contest. Spokesperson Susan Zimecki says they are looking for photos that show the beautiful side of anything science related. “We are looking for images that could capture weather or stars or it could be something manmade. It could be a piece of machinery or it could be something illustrating robotics, it could be something from biology,“ says Zimecki. “We are looking for something scientific that is also aesthetically pleasing.”

Amateur photographers can submit up to two photos through Thursday, March 31. The contest is open to all ages and the submissions will be divided into age groups before they are judged. First-place for the 12 and under group will be $100. For the 13 through 17 group the top photographer will take home $250. The 18 and up group offers a $500. A panel of judges will select the winners. A “People’s Choice” will also be picked through online voting at the Trib Total Media’s Contest webpage. Those winners will be awarded a one-year, family membership to Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. Online voting begins on Friday, April 1, and ends on Friday, April 15.

Zimecki says the winning pictures will eventually be displayed at the Science Center. We are looking for something “scientific that is also aesthetically pleasing.”

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