Friday, March 11, 2011

Free Nicotine Patches Offered

A local nonprofit is offering a free, one-month supply of nicotine patches to help people quit using tobacco.

Tobacco Free Allegheny and the Allegheny County Health Department are offering the patches along with a series of free counseling sessions to help users quit smoking.

ACHD spokesman Dave Zazac says the tandem of counseling and nicotine patches increases a person’s chance of successfully quitting.

Zazac says there’s no special occasion behind this free offer.

“This is just an opportunity for those folks that may have fallen from their New Year’s resolution to get a second chance, perhaps a better chance to finally stop their tobacco habits,” says Zazac.

Interested people should call the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Free Quitline at (800)-784-8669 to receive patches and counseling while supplies last. Quit coaches will help callers set quit dates and ask them if they have any medical conditions that would prevent them from using nicotine patches.

Zazac says more info about the program can be found at, where you can find quit plans, video blogs of successful quitters, and information for friends and family supporting someone’s attempt to stop smoking.

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