Saturday, March 12, 2011

Restructuring in Superintendent's Executive Team

Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Linda Lane has reorganized her management team. Lane says since she became superintendent in January she's been looking to make the district more efficient and more effective in providing service to students. “I also know that in this time of limited resources we must continue to tighten our belt and reduce our costs. I am confident that this reorganization accomplishes both of those goals.”

Lane says the streamlining will reduce costs by $141,000, although 5 of the 8 executives will receive salary increases to reflect their additional duties. "I know that we have a great team here at Pittsburgh Public Schools already, and I believe that this reorganization will maximize our executive team’s core competencies.” The savings will come from the elimination of 5 vacant positions including Deputy Superintendent, Superintendant Assistant for Special Projects, Academic Specialist, Chief of Talent Management, Senior Program Officer for Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development.

The administrative changes involve:
• Jeanine French, formerly Assistant Superintendent of K-8 Schools, will serve as Chief of School Performance with responsibility for School Management, Student Services, Research Assessment and Accountability and Special Education. Salary Increase of $13,822
• Jerri Lippert, retains title of Chief Academic Officer and assumes added responsibilities including Career and Technical Education and joint responsibility for Special Education with the Chief of School Performance: Salary Increase of $8,251
• Christiana Otuwa, formerly Assistant Superintendent Accelerated Learning Academies will serve as Assistant Superintendent Secondary Schools: Salary Increase of $5,251
• Peter Camarda, currently Executive Director of Budget Development and Management, has been named Acting Chief Operating and Finance Officer: Salary Increase of $10,909
• Jody Spolar, formerly Chief of Performance Management, has been promoted to Chief Human Resources Officer: Salary Increase of $10,500

Three executive staff members have had their roles changed.
• Derrick Lopez, formerly Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools, will serve as Assistant Superintendent for Strategic Initiatives with responsibility for design and implementation of school reforms, school realignment, charter school review and reducing the racial achievement disparity.
• Lisa Fischetti, Chief of Staff, assumes added responsibility for the Office of Teacher Effectiveness .
• Nancy Kodman, formerly Executive Director Strategic Initiatives, will serve as Executive Director Academic and Operations Integration.

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